Let’s make a comparison here between two Niches

Let’s make a comparison here between two Niches

Niche one: Make money online

There are 8 billion people on this planet. Let’s say 6 billion people have easy access to the Internet. Let’s say two thirds of those are adults then the maths is 4 billion people. That means form billion people more or less want to earn more money. How many people do you know who have enough money?

Why this niche is a good niche

There are plenty of hungry buyers, which we’ve established is important. There are literally thousands of solutions to the pain. The Commission ranges from next to nothing to tens of thousands of dollars per product. So you can promote and cross promote across a wide range. Another factor which makes this niche successful is the fact that people rarely buy one product.

Look at your own buying patterns regarding courses how to make money online. My guess is that less than 1% of people here have only just bought wealthy affiliates and nothing else.

Because there is such a huge market of potential buyers you don’t have to worry about whether your demographic has enough money. Many people in their 20’s may want to $15,000 product, But they don’t have the means to buy necessarily.

Niche 2: Acne

There are literally thousands of people who want to do something about their acne. The downside of this niche and the reason it is less profitable the make money online is the fact there are less products. Also the majority of your demographic market are teenagers without a credit card. To compound matters if they find a solution to acne job done their pain is over. Your target market has gone.

So you can see that although both of these niches can be profitable they are not equal in profit.

Sometimes it takes newbies a while to settle on their niche. It can take three months for them to realise that the niche they have chosen is not the best option. Now those that are just on premium membership and have not updated to annual may well give up at this point. So they are not going to make the transition to a successful marketer.. This in itself is sad because they’ve had the training and learn the lesson with just a little bit more application they will succeed.